Welcome to the extraordinary world of polyvalent artist Jocelyn Rochfort Simard.

To fully appreciate this revolutionary visual arts site, please consider the following:

  • Visit the open Open Framing section to discover this new type of art. This technique removes the rectangular and square frames and replaces them with polygonal and curved contours. It may very well leave you breathless.
  • The Fusion-Art 2D-3D section will guide you to a universe unknown to most painters and sculptors, a world in which painting and sculpture merge flawlessly.
  • A trip to the Sectionism domain is time well spend. It will allow you to discover beautiful artworks composed of multiple pieces, which, in some instances, can be interchanged at will.
  • Not a fan of painting? Then you will love the Sculptures section of this site. There you will discover fabulous pieces created using new techniques developed by the artist himself—workable concrete and cellulose modeling paste.